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LED solar lights


The Helios 1 solar park light family, with 18 hours discharge time is the perfect solution for quick and easy off-grid installation. Available in two sizes with power ratings between 5 and 20 watts.


The Garden family of all-in-one solar light can be installe quickly and easily to light up gardens and pathways. You can choose from a wide array of designs to perfectly integrate into any landscape.


The Solar Power Sleeve is the off-grid solution of choice for professional applications like movable video cameras with larger power consumption.

The Solar Power Sleeve has a patented micro-lens nanotechnology surface that is resistant to scratching in harsh environments. Battery, solar controller and switch are all integrated withing the sleeve frame, sheltering the components from the elements and vandalism. With 10 to 25 years warranty on the solar panels, the system is designed to last.

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