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B3 Engineering

B3 Engineering
Over 30 years as an innovative German solution provider

B3 Engineering is a German developer and provider of modern, energy-efficient LED street lighting solutions. The company looks back on a history of over three decades of manufacturing and engineering expertise.
With a strong background in metalworking, prototyping and special machine production, B3 Engineering has shifted its focus to the engineering design and development of all kinds of LED street lighting and control systems – from small scale bespoke solutions to large-scale serial projects.
Today, B3 Engineering develops intricately and intelligently designed, as well as fully certified lighting fixtures and modules for all kinds of applications. Our guiding principle is to provide our customers with the highest quality at competitive prices while keeping abreast of the breakneck speed of developments in LED technology.
A key component of our lighting strategy is the development of cutting-edge IoT control systems for Smart City implementations. Whether simple dimming schemes or adaptive light management with remote sensing, advanced video monitoring solutions, electric car charging points and emergency services support, B3 Engineering is your one-stop partner for the reliable integration of flexible control systems into new or existing street lighting infrastructure.
B3 Engineering is a respected name in the industry and a reliable partner for well-known brands, architects and lighting designers.

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