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Intelligent lighting solution for all listed street lights optionally available. Available are a variety of tools such as light or motion sensors, programmable dimming modules, and light management systems with every conceivable energy saving and system monitoring function.
All of our street and park lights can be optionally equipped with our Smart City control system. In addition to realizing energy savings of up to 35 % through intelligent dimming, myriad other functions improve the quality of light and life in your city. Groups of street lights can be linked into mesh or tree topologies using a variety of communication technologies, including RF, LoRa and PLC. Data concentrators allow you to easily and comfortably manage all Smart City functions remotely from a central control room via RF or GSM / GPRS / 3G.
Key features of the B3 Smart City control system include:

  • On/off control
  • Dimming control
  • Timed control
  • Consumption monitoring
  • Data Storage
  • Group management
  • Fault alerts
  • Status inquiry

Please contact us for more information on how our intelligent control systems can improve the quality of light and life in your city. Our specialists look forward to advising you in a personal conversation.

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